Data recovery tools: Secure deletion

We greet you on this site and proudly represent you our new product: SoftwareMedicine File Eraser.

Now you can download and use it for free. SoftwareMedicine File Eraser is provided with same quality and support as other our products!

SoftwareMedicine File Eraser is a program for completely and irrevocably file erase. Iím sure you know about various undelete or unerase software. Not this time! SoftwareMedicine File Eraser removes all the sensitive data 100% incurable by any of them. Please make sure you do not need these files before you erase them. SoftwareMedicine File Eraser erases files, but not directories. After using SoftwareMedicine File Eraser any uneraser available on the market (even SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor!) will recover only filenames. No other data will be recovered!

We advice to use it before selling your computer, before your dear comes home, before you evil chief check your work disk or thief steals your family_budget.xml or any other sensitive data!

Say no to spying and erase anything that could compromise you, your family or your business.

Oh, yeah! One more thing: do not give it to kids, especially to small, fast and curious, yes, just like yours! It is simply dangerous.